Keith Ammon

The place for answers about Keith Ammon, New Hampshire’s Hillsborough District 40 State Rep!

Q: So is this Keith Ammon’s re-election campaign website?

A: Nope. It should be, but apparently Keith didn’t want to shell out the $8.99 needed to reserve the website URL. So we did it for him!

Q: What can you tell me about Keith?

A: He represents the good people of Hollis, Milford, Mont Vernon, and New Boston and wants to be re-elected on November 6.

Q: Is he a Republican or Democrat?

A: Keith’s running as a Republican, but he’s actually a Free Stater.

Q: I’ve heard of Free Staters, but I’m not sure I know what they’re all about…

A: It’s a long, sad story. And I’ll warn you in advance, it’s gonna sound like we’re making this up, but I promise, it’s all true.

Q: Now you’re scaring me.

A: Good. It’s scary stuff!

The story begins about 30 years ago, when a smallish sixth grader got pushed to the ground by a bigger kid who ended up not getting punished for this offense. The kid that ended up on the ground, Jason Sorens, developed a distrust for authority as a result. So he grew up and created the Free State Project , which is now trying to mess with New Hampshire’s state government.

Q: Why would people from New Hampshire mess with their state government?

A: Free Staters (like Keith Ammon) aren’t actually from New Hampshire. They formed this project and created a plan to find a small state that they could all move to and take over.

Q: You’re joking.

A: I wish. They literally took a vote in 2003 on which state to invade. Wyoming was a close second. But New Hampshire “won.” So to speak.

Q: So now they’re moving here?

A: Yes. In fact, more than 20,000 have signed a pledge to do just that. Our friend Keith Ammon packed up his stuff in 2009 and moved here from Pennsylvania. (I still think he’d be better off in Wyoming.)

Q: What do they want from us?

A: Their original plan was to break off from the United States.

Q: What? Free Staters are secessionists?

A: Yup. Actually, when they realized that normal people were totally freaked out by that , they started denying it. But it’s in their DNA, and also on the Internet. And some of them can’t help themselves and start talking about it even though they aren’t supposed to . Secession aside, Keith and his Free Stater pals talk A LOT about liberty and freedom, but in that creepy, “every man for himself” kind of way. In practice, they hate government. And they’re trying to get elected so they can break the government and make more people hate it.

Q: Well, I’m not a fan of everything our government does…

A: Me neither. No government is perfect. But I believe that schools, roads, healthcare, and law enforcement are important, and that’s what government helps deliver for us.

Q: Why doesn’t Keith Ammon like those things? Does he think “every man for himself” will make our schools better?

A: Good question. Beats the heck out of me.

Q: How should I feel about this whole Free Stater thing? I’ve met Keith Ammon plenty of times and while his facial hair was aggressive that day, he didn’t seem totally insane or anti-American.

A: Did you ever see that show The Americans? It’s set in the 1980s and tells the story of two Soviet agents who are married with children and settle in a nice suburb outside of Washington, D.C.

They make “friends.”

They get to know their “neighbors.”

They run a travel agency together and their “employees” think they’re great bosses.

But it’s all an elaborate cover story. Because they’ve literally left their families behind and picked up and moved for one reason only. A political reason. To undermine the United States of America.

So is Keith Ammon your friend? We’ll put it this way: Keith Ammon is only your friendif you’re his comrade.

Q: Ugh. What else should I know about this guy?

A: His reaction to the Kavanaugh controversy was to post this tweet:

Mothers, tell your young sons to start keeping a calendar/diary.

Q: This keeps getting worse.

A: Check out —he’s another one.

Q: I’ve heard enough.

A: Wait, just one more thing: Keith is a big tech guy. Has his own tech company, outspoken about data privacy, big believer in bitcoin.

Q: But Keith “I’m a big tech guy” Ammon didn’t bother to reserve

A: Exactly. So make sure you bother to vote on November 6th—there’s a lot more on the ballot than you realized.